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Nice look for a male urban, ROCK-STAR!

Alright, now you all remember Levi's and how prevalent they were in the 90's like if "it ain't Levi's it ain't right." Well, they are constantly trying to regain their market medium in Spring of '08 with some high-powered trendy items. Read my previous post for more Levi's products for Spring. And let me tell ya something fellas, just because you don't see it in your latest video or in the hip/urban magazines doesn't mean that it isn't fly and in this case, the look that I have put together MOST DEFINITELY is fly! I would like to start with the denim that I have selected. The Andy Warhol & Levi skull jean is BANGING! Now you say, aww, I'm tired of skulls, what's new for Spring, but the skulls on this jean are subtle, giving sort of an embossed feel. Found on priced at $110.00. Then let's not overdo it at the top because this is a simple fashion forward urban look. ;-) Just wear a plain white long-sleeved tee with it. The tee pictured below is blue, but it is also available in white and is only sold at your local Pro Club distributor. Price is between $10 - $15 each. Contact for Pro Club distribution info (in your area). Here comes the icing on the cake. Buffalo black and white plaid bandana around the neck. The cost is $14.00 and is available on This will give you a nice feel without being too wrapped in a scarf. For sneakers, go in any direction that you would like. But I prefer the pair of shoes pictured below to finish off the look. Available at the got SOLE? Boutique in Broad Ripple Village, Indianapolis, IN.


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