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BC Ethic only available at 4 retailers NATIONWIDE!!!

A gem under a pile of other gems, is what the apparel line Blue Collar Ethic also known as BC Ethic is. This line is ONLY available at 4 retailers nationwide and it totally ROCKS!! I mean, the look is trendy, yet still unique. Price points are mid priced ranging from $50 and above. They have some tattoo (or Ed Hardy) dubbed designs but it is a fresh of breath air, that it is done differently and not as LOUD as Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier labels. They also have a sheik way of bringing forth a wool/dress pants look to a relaxed fit, comfortable style, pant. Also the cargo pant is trendy and hip. Of course, they represent the very popular word and phrase t-shirt fad, with t-shirts such as "Slacker" and "Wingman". They have a couple of womens pieces. That you can see as well. A simple tattoo thermal. Go to BC for more info.


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