Club Monaco has some really cute looks!

Okay gang, don't be mad at me because I am feeling A LOT of black and white for the Spring and I guess the industry is too!!! It is sooo much of it out there and Club Monaco has 2 spring looks that I am just cuckoo for cocoa puffs over. First some more good news, Club Monaco will be opening stores in Chicago, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Michigan this summer so fashion fans in those areas can take a hands on approach to looking at their apparel. LOOK 1 is priced at $348. Click here to purchase. For a shoe, you can go with the Nine West Testino pump in black on SALE for $39.99. LOOK 2 is priced at $412. Click here to purchase. The same shoe can apply. **REMEMBER** These looks have several articles of Club Monaco's line with them and all of them are not necessary. Once you visit the site you may decide that you only want the dress without the cardigan or maybe you won't need the accessories. It is all up to you.


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