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The Grammy Looks that spoke volumes!

The Grammy Award Event is very important for the music industry every year. The recognition, reassurance, validation and feeling that winning a Grammy award provides for a musical artist is that of an Oscar to an actor or actress. The Grammy's are an excuse for people to come in their red-carpet bests and dress with their own personal style and flair. I have attached some looks below that I feel the entire internet world should pay attention to. Fashion is not so much about whether or not you (personally) would wear or even like what an individual is wearing, but a person's fashion choices should compliment them as an individual and make them feel confident. And as an editor if I see confidence, royalty and persona projected in a person's vibe, then they can get my vote for making a good fashion choice. My favorite performance of the night was Kanye's. I think that this guy is truly amazing and a musical genius. I believe that he came away with 4 of the 8 that he was nominated for. I also liked Amy Winehouse's performance.


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