Items that can take you from the Winter chill to a Spring thrill!

The pieces that will be listed in this blog article are ones that you can satisfactorily take from one season to the next. When it is a little chilly you may want to layer, wear fashionable neck scarves, or a cutesy overcoat or jacket. And in spring you trade your undershirt for a cami, wear a lightweight jacket, subtract the neck scarf and you will get more bang for your shopping buck. The first item that I would like to pinpoint is the vest. Asos, Lurex asymmetric vest in mocha. Price - $54.18. WINTER - wear with a nice dressy top under it and denim jeans or skirt and tights, stockings, etc. SPRING - wear it with a sleeveless cotton shirt or tank (some shirt that extends below the bottom of the vest) and whatever bottom makes you feel the most comfortable, denim or a skirt. Secondly, I will discuss the long-sleeve dress. Anthropologie's, Darrington shirtdress in citron (by Tracy Reese) is a perfect piece to transition between seasons. Price - $348. WINTER - rock this dress with tights and knee boots and you will be fine. SPRING - Roll up the sleeves on the dress to the 3/4 length point, add a funky sandal or peep toe pump and the investment is maximized. Now, let's talk about how easy it is to transition a flat leather boot into Spring. Loeffler Randall's Olivia D-Ring Flat Boot is an amazing boot. Price - $750. WINTER - This boot can be worn with jeans. Worn on the outside of a skinny jean or on the inside of a leg of a wide leg jean. SPRING - You can wear this shoe with a flirty skirt, boho skirt, dress, a pair of shorts or bermudas and look very fashion forward. Can, I transition my cotton belted jacket too? YES! Banana Republic's cotton, belted sweater jacket in cocoon fits the same bill. Price - $98. WINTER - A long, sleeve thin t-shirt or thin cowl neck shirt fits perfectly under it, with the jacket buttoned and tied. SPRING - You can wear a sleeveless shirt with the jacket and leave it unbuttoned but tied. Wool pant or trouser, read on to learn how to transition this piece. Free People's one button, wide leg linen trouser is HOT! Price - $105. This pant has more of a wintery vibe although I do know that linen is mostly worn during warm temperatures. But if you have a wool pant this is what you do. WINTER - Wear with a tight knit/cashmere sweater and suede/leather boots or booties. SPRING - Take away the sweater, go for a cardigan with a t-shirt under it look or just the t-shirt by itself and you can also rock, peep-toes or sandals and take this pant from cold to warm weather with ease.


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