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justsweet: J Lo's Junior Label - Dresses

justsweet (J. Lo's junior label) the baby sister to Sweetface (her contemporary label) has some really nice dresses available for purchase, right now online. In review of the current pieces that are being sold, I would say justsweet is a little youthful, trendy, comfortable and sassy. But I noticed, there were some dresses that particularly caught my eye and could pass for a sophisticated night on the town or have a blazer added to it and ride to work with you. The first dress is a tiered, ruffle, halter dress in a paisley print. Price - $98 and it looks AMAZING! The next dress is a hand wash only, front ruffle with jewel detailing, high collar, drop waist, flirty frock! Price - ON SALE for $64.99. Available in colors sand and deep sea blue. justsweet also has a lovely poly blend, 1 shoulder A-line dress, that is very shiek. Price - ON SALE for $34.99. Available in colors 180 white and 418 Rich Blu.


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