***Shoetube.tv - GROUNDBREAKING!!!!

Today is Valentine's Day, of course............so Happy V-Day to you all! Especially to all of my Zanotti, Louboutin, Givenchy and Lacroix loving ladies. (I'll address this more later) And this holiday is all about love, romance and excuses to get "closer" to the objects of your desires (oooh, ahh). So, how about getting closer to your love of SHOES, on Shoetube.tv!!! Shoetube.tv is an online social community and video channel for those who LOOOOOVE shoes and it launched today, Thursday, February 14th, 2008, Hearts day! The videos are produced by an award-winning production company by the name of Powderhouse Productions that has placed videos on channels such as Discovery, TLC and PBS. Are you getting the picture? Well GOOD!! These videos will be top-notch and what better way to infuse consumers with more lovely ways to look at buying shoes? Is this a dream or what? Shoetube.tv also brings content and video from all over the nation, not just one place. From the likes of Denver, Miami, San Francisco to New York amongst other "big US" cities. This site/community wreaks of a WINNER and you should definitely visit it and register, ASAP!! Click here for more info. I would like to thank, Melissa O'Shea of Hello Stiletto Shoe Club for inspiring this company to create Shoetube.tv and for having a nationally acclaimed FREE shoe club that I am a member of. VISIT Hello Stiletto Shoe Club and join there too, IT'S AWESOME!!!


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