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Who designed that bag? I'm sure they sell shoes that match it.

Today, I decided to showcase a little bit of the unfamiliar. After you read the next 4 words tell me the first word that comes to mind. Are you ready...............................okay-GO: Nine West, Steve Madden, Aldo and Jessica Simpson. Was it bread, beverage, street racing, football player boyfriend (well maybe) , but NO, the first thing that should come to mind is shoes. And you know what, I won't be talking about shoes this post (peanut gallery awwwwwwwww). But I will talk about how the above mentioned SHOE designers release some smoking hot handbags. Let's start with Nine West. Nine West has a very colorful, exotic textured, fold over clutch, with a hand-hole and hidden magnetic closure. Priced at $59.00. Available through this link. Next up is the Steve Madden chic bag. A very powerful, black patent leather concoction, with a perforated front design, double chan link strap and she is named Bangie. Priced at $58.00. Click here to buy. Now, we travel to the world of Aldo. This bag is named the Derouter and I'm assuming its because it's so fierce that it will re-route you directly from the shoe selections to the handbag selections? ;-) The handbag is made of synthetic material, with classic looking hardware and detailing. Comes in colors taupe and black. Priced at $50.00. Click here. Last but not leastly, we will discuss one of Jessica Simpson's most precious handbag designs. The bag I am showcasing is made of croc embossed pvc, has a shoulder length strap and comes in 3 color variations. Black, pewter combo and copper combo. Priced at $91.95. Click here for more detail and where to buy. You can carry fashionable, textured, decently priced and stylish hand bags while still being environmentally conscious. And if you buy any of the above handbags or from any of the above designers you can guaranteee that there will be at least one pair of shoes that matches your bag exactly.


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