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WOWed by! But how do you get it?

There is a UK online retailer that I just LOOOVE and it is named Warehouse. But there is just one small problem, they do not SHIP to the US. No, really, I'm serious. Like when H&M was only in Europe and topshop was merely a store that we heard the celebrities shopped at. Well, last night I met two wonderful, young ladies from the UK and we discussed (of all things) fashion and they told me, (in a British accent) "we love Warehouse, but we just have our mums ship it to us." And I thought, hmmm, well I was thinking of doing that same thing by route of Tokyo, since I have a friend there (but does Warehouse even ship to Japan)? Then, I thought, oh now, I know, I can just ask their mum to do that for me too :-D Just kidding. But take a look at the fashions from this beloved site, that have price points of 30 - 90 British pounds and maybe you will see, why I am on a hunt to get it in the US. Also, check them out yourself online Warehouse.


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