A cutie with just the right mix of brands to make the girls say OOOHHH!

Readers, I saw a gentleman two days ago that I thought, WOW, he knows how to rock some clothes. This young sir, was fresh to DEF and had just the right mix, like KFC chicken flavoring. His swagger isn't half bad either, but today I just want to talk about his outfit ;-). You know how some men, just won't mix brands it's like, No Way, I have to wear Coogie with Coogie and D&G with D&G, well sometimes this is true, but there are certain brands and certain styles that make it easy to get away with mixing, if you know what your doing and this guy, certainly does. Below, you will see the items that he was wearing and I would like to label his look, skateboarder with a swagger. I hope that you enjoy and men readers, take NOTES! This entire look is only $200.00!! You like? For more details contact me via myspace at this link.


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