H&M is diversifying their portfolio - WHOA!!

H&M is on the acquisition playing field and has purchased 60% of Fabric Scandinavien AB. Fabric Scandinavien's portfolio includes: the brand Cheap Monday and contemporary fashion stores Weekday and Monki. H&M did say that there are no plans to collaborate on design or buying keeping the company as a separate entity. Whew, that is a blessing to me. I was worried about all of the H&M buyers knowing about my secret love of the Cheap Monday pants in funky colors and prints, because I haven't had a chance to purchase them yet! H&M really sees this acquisition as way to manage multiple brands and create more growth for the two companies while acquiring a bit of a creative boost from the Fabric Scandinavien team. Sounds like a very good idea to me and for more info follow this link. The price point is $65.00 for a Cheap Monday jean.


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