Midwest Fashion Week: Sacrifice

Indianapolis hosted a grandiose fashion event last night at the Indianapolis Hilton Hotel. This event is entitled Midwest Fashion Week. Midwest Fashion Week is a non-profit organization, that always donates portions of their proceeds to those in need within the community. The event is put on by an inspired designer extraordinaire with a desire to make Indianapolis a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. This designer's name is Berny Martin and his line is called Catou. If you view Catou's most recent collection you can see his level of creativity and his fashion perspective. Midwest Fashion Week brought together designers from New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cleveland and some designers from the Art Institute. This show was very well put together and executed precisely and for that my hat's off to the Midwest Fashion Week organization. Last night, I was wearing my style hat and the designers had some very cutting edge pieces. Joan Vaccianna blew me away with her leather, hooded cropped bomber. She also presented some high waisted pieces, as well as very unique button placement on her garments. Donna J. Pollard Conner had a very EXCLUSIVE never before seen perspective of leather and patchwork combinations in long sweaters, short jackets, and a variety of other garments. Triple Sparkle presented an entire line of intricately detailed dresses amongst other things. As well as displayed her know how, of fabric selection for fashion design. There were many other fashions shown at the event and for more info and pictures visit the Midwest Fashion Week website. I also would like to mention the great job of Signature Shoes, by providing some of the shoes and styling them perfectly with the outfits. You can visit their store while in Indianapolis, at 5432 N. Keystone Avenue. Phone 317-253-9930. Myspace link here.


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