This dress IS a "Good Dream"!

Saks Fifth Avenue has offered up a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, chic and sophisticated dress by Jayson Brunsdon. It seems to be painted in black with a Chinese character that represents the phrase "Good Dream" on a white dress pallette and it definitely would give me good dreams if I were to wear it. Picture this, a downtown loft in any city of your choice a wonderful view, white carpet, black leather furniture, white candals on the black lacquer granite end tables, a wonderful piece of modern art to grace the red wall space above the fireplace and knock, knock your date arrrives as you sip your 1964, Chateau Lafite Rothschild in this Jayson Brunsdon dress. The scene is perfect and everything else is lovely, for $650 I say buy this Jayson Brunsdon "Good Dream" dress. I am sure that you won't ever regret it. Check out Jayson Brunsdon's site for more peeks at his collection. And try it with these Manolo Blahnik's from Neiman


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