What will Christian Siriano do with his Project Runway winnings!!!!!

Of course, we all know by now, who the winner of Project Runway is and if you don't I will tell you, Christian Siriano!!!! (round of applause) Personally, Rami was my favorite designer and person on the show, and my hopes for him to win were overshadowed when I saw the feather dress that Christian put on the runway during the preview. (It still didn't keep me from cheering for my favorite.) But each of the designers at Bryant Park savored my fashion taste buds in many ways, Jillian with her jacket detailing, silhouettes and knits. Rami with his beautiful wearable garments in sophisticated textiles and Christian with his "flawless" European perspective. In saying that, the only thing that separates the winner from the losers is the prize (and of course, the V Beckham-endorsement: AWESOME right!) because the three were all so talented and their craftsmanship and presentation was at such a high level. I know that the top three in this challenge will definitely go far in the industry and I would like all of them to know that they are "MAJOR" (thanks Becks for the new term) to me. But speaking of prizes, when I awoke this morning my goal was to find out, "What is next for Christian?" And I located 2 good interviews at the following links: Link 1 and Link 2. I have included a snippet of one interview for my readers to show them what Christian plans to do with his money. See below.

What are you going to spend the money on? I’m going to spend the money on taking over my apartment, first of all. My roommate, when she moves out, I’m going to just keep her room for myself. I’m also going to get a studio space. I’m going to finally get a bed! I’m going to spend a lot of money on a fabulous bed. All the rest will probably just go to next season.

I’ve showed to a couple stores, so I’ve had a couple buyers, but I’m going to show next season. I’ll probably show in the tent again, I’m going to do a big show. Next season will be more me. It’s hard because I’ve been working so hard on this collection and I can’t really sell it. Next season, my designs will be fair game, don’t worry! I also thought that it was interesting to find out that Christian has already started giving back. See below for details. You wonnn! Where are you going on your vacation? What have you been doing since the win? I won. Oh My God – it’s so amazing, and I just never thought! I did what I can on the show to do – just to wow people and I think I did. I’m so happy and the best part is that no one can take it away forever. I love that! No matter what happens. I’m too busy to take a break. I have two wedding dresses due next month. I did a benefit on Saturday and my garment sold for $50,000 that I donated to the Baltimore School for the Arts, my high school. It was great and more to come! Crazy, crazy, crazy. I love every second. CONGRATULATIONS, to you Christian!!!!!!


  1. It's time for Christian to go on a "vacay" and take a "breaky-break".

    Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway Recap.

    Bye...love you...love your hair!


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