GIRLICIOUS - A Creative Shot of Fashion!

Today, dear readers I wanted to do something a little different. I would like to load a music video as a source of my fashion inspiration. Now, I AM DEFINITELY NOT saying, go out and buy these items and wear them outside of the house........... But if you wanted to buy them and wear them, to a hip-hop dance class or something like that, I'm sure that you would be the well....belle of the ball or diva of the dance, hhmmmm. But seriously, I like Girlicious and I think their moves are updated, snappy, sassy and on the beat! (which is very important). I hope that Girlicious make it into "heavy" rotation, because I am anticipating seeing more of what they have to bring to the table. They have two videos available on their website and their single and Like Me video feat. Jazze Pha can be purchased through Itunes.


  1. I Love GIRILICIOUS's music, i can't
    wait too buy there first CD JULY 1st. JULY 1st (in CANADA) is CANADA day, so l have no idea if BESTBUY, WallMart, etc. stores are open so i can buy the CD!!!!!! If they are closed, i will have to wait JULY 2Nd.


    Its REALLYYY easy to find botty shorts and long socks and like their clothes :)

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