Heidi Klum in Louboutins!

Last night, while I was watching my personal favorite television series Gossip Girl, (second fav is Lipstick Jungle), I caught a glimpse of the Heidi Klum for Volkswagon automobile commercial. Now, you have to know, just as Jay-Z says in one of his songs, Heidi Klum has a great body and I adore many of her choices. Choices in men, fashion choices and business choices (Project Runway), to say the least. Although the commercial is about the Volkswagon car, I was mesmerized by her shoes. And you ask, okay, who looks at the shoes that people wear on commercials? I DO! DUH! Especially when it's Heidi Klum. Well, of course, I-am-going to tell you what kind of shoes that she was wearing. She was wearing Louboutins, by Christian Louboutin. To see the commercial view it, below. The BEST shot of the show, is at second 00:24! The Louboutin shown is $760.00. So, get your weight up, ladies! Or try either of these two budget friendly pairs. They are just as cute and just as FUNKY minus the red bottomed sole. Guess by Marciano Millicent Price-$100.00 RSVP Cassidy for $70.00. Both are available on zappos.com. Post comments about the shoes or anything else related to this blog or post. SMOOCHES!!


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