Jay-Z in the new Crooks - He's ROCKIN" IT!!

I had to upload this picture of Jay-Z in the new Crooks & Castles pieces. He totally ROCKS OUT with his SOCKS OUT!!!! Jay's Crooks Apparel: Crooks Lambo Jacket / Castellano Mosley Tribes x Crooks Sunglasses / Crooks High Society Tee. VISIT THE CROOKS WEBSITE IT'S VERY HEAVY WITH THE PICS!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! Skateboard P, Carmelo Anthony, Kanyeezy, more Jay-Z, all of my friends!!!
Who's that girl, in Crooks? She's that girl, in Crooks. Crooks street style.
I've been linking Jay with the Crooks brand check out Crooks links within the blog! Crooks on myspace: link . Photos courtesy of Crooks.com


  1. Extreme fire i love there brand and that Mosley Tribes collab is the best ive seen !


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