John Varvatos - Nice male loook

John Varvatos is a designer for men shoppers, whom always want to look their best! John Varvatos will allow any man, to walk into a room and mesmerize those in his presence. No, I am not John Varvatos hired help, but I am speaking solely on those things that I KNOW. And I KNOW this because I have seen it happen. I have selected one look from Mr. Varvatos' Spring/Summer 2008 Look Book and let me just say, this look is so Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Nas mixed. The itemized listing of apparel is as follows: Fossil Cotton/Lining Ticking Stripe Work Jacket $895.00 White Light Weight Printed Cashmere $298.00 Slate Gray Washed Plaid Suspender Pant $325.00 Black Silk Striped Skinny Scarf $198.00


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