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Lia Sophia - Petra Red Carpet Celebrity Collection

Lia Sophia is a jewelry line that offers classic, contemporary, and exquisite jewelry at a reasonable price along with a lifetime jewelry replacement guarantee. Lia Sophia has a number of separate collections for celebrity clientele and avid jewelry lovers alike. I admire Lia Sophia because the advisors present well to small personal groups in homes across the states, as well as being reknown in the celebrity and fashion world. I have yet to experience a jewelry line other than Lia Sophia that appeals to both markets and does so successfully. I have selected a few pieces from the Petra Red Carpet Celebrity Collection. If you follow the link you can view pictures of more celebrities wearing the jewelry. Below: Nelly, Ashanti, and Audrina Partridge. See the additional Lia Sophia classic pieces that are available online via the catalog or through an advisor. Ranging from $25 - $150 or so in price. For more info click here.


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