Ed Hardy Lace Lonny Backpack

Do you know how it is, when you want to go somewhere, and you want to take an extra shirt or you want to have something to carry your shoes in, other than your big Gucci shopper/duffle, because weighing bags down, will wear it down? I know that you feel the dilemma and so do I. Therefore, I have a suggestion for you. Somewhat of an alternative to the shopper and duffle bags. Ed Hardy's Lace Lonny Embroidered Backpack with Leather Trim. This backpack is TOO CUTE and has a perfect mixture between hard and soft elements, as the Ed Hardy brand has seemingly mastered. This bag is durable, sassy, and brand identifiable. What more can you ask for? You say, a good price? And I say, yes! The Price is $108.99 and is available on Dr. Jays.com. Your extra things can be carried in style too, with this Ed Hardy backpack.


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