Men - What to wear for VERY HUMID/WARM weather

Guys, what I am about to present to you, is the GO TO outfit for warm weather, summer weddings, beachside restaurant settings, etc. A linen suit, will ALWAYS get you there and back, without a scratch. It's classic, classy, cool and easy on the eyes.
Calvin Klein mens suit available at Men's Warehouse
A linen suit can be worn without the jacket, when desired and a tie IS NOT MANDATORY or REQUIRED. The shirt and shoes that you pair it with makes all the difference in the look! LOOK 1 (meeting, professional or formal) Brooks Brother's shirt, Prada leather driver and Prada belt LOOK 2 (youthful, trendy) Men's Express graphic tee, Prada leather sandal and Prada patent leather belt LOOK 3 (more relaxed shirt, for club/entertainment) Men's Express military style shirt, Prada blue driver and Salvatore Ferragamo belt


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