Singer22: My new guilty pleasure

Okay, so I first dug into when I found out about the coveted LnA zippered leggings. Then I thought to myself, well this site HAS to be based out of LA (which means I would have an automatic love for it). I only thought this because Nicky and Paris H., Audrina, Lauren, Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson and other SoCal girls are the first chicas that I see on home page. No problema. I LOVE CALI! A fashion store out of LA and I LOVE THIS ONLINE STORE! As I began to dig deeper, I noticed that the address is in New York........which was a surprise but NOT a deal breaker. And I like this site, because they actually show celebutantes wearing the exact product in some cases and that's what's up! Below are some items from the site, that you may love. And visit the site, because you may love it too.


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