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Smoke Me I'm Dope!

Get up on the newest, freshest, indie fashion label gon' gold on it's way to Platinum Status. Who am I talking about, you ask? I'm talking about, Dope Couture. Ladies and gentlemen, the designs are coming off the domes of some peeps from my area. There's more than cornnnn, in IndiANNA, yeah there's hot designers like this labels originators and hot stylists, like MUA! Me on myspace. But back to the program, I'm going to load you up some pictorials that will definitely excite the imagination and they have clothes for girlies as, well as guys. Find them on Dope Site, Dope Blog,, DJ, High Snobiety, Shop BZar, and many more places. Check it out! The price point is $34.00.


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