Bloomingdale's Shopping Bags

I believe my first purchase out of a physical (as opposed to virtual) Bloomingdale's store (Beverly Center) was in 2006. It is always a treat to see a store that you've never been in before. I first noticed that the selection and tastes were a little non-Macys (their sister within parent company Federated Department Stores). Bloomie's has it's own kind of stern, dry flavor, like a dry red wine. You have to have a taste for it, but if you do like it, it's not bad, it's actually good. If I remember correctly, my first visit, I purchased a Donna Karan swimsuit and a pair of low waist Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans. I recall staying in the Diane Von Furstenberg section forever, debating which dress that I should get......needless to say, I didn't get either. But more than I was impressed by the endless designer selections and marked down items, I fell in love with the "Brown Bag". Bloomie's has supported a non-store listed, less than flamboyant, brown paper bag, with twisted handles since 1973. There is a "Little, Medium and Big Brown Bag" that's printed on the bag that Bloomingdale's puts your purchases in. I think the fact that this bag is simple and unique is GREAT! And the fact that it doesn't list the Bloomingdale name makes you feel like you are in a Bloomie Secret Society. As you walk through the mall, unknowns are thinking, Medium Brown Bag, I wonder what's in that and where is the Medium Brown Bag, store? LOL!


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