DJ AM and the on and off Obama Sticker???

Okay, now this is a mystery. I was checking out some pictures of Mike McGuiness' and Kari Feinstein's birthday party which was held at Hotel Sofitel, in LA, right across the street from the Beverly Center. Now, there is a picture of DJ AM, with an Obama sticker on his laptop. Then there is a picture without the Obama sticker on his laptop. Next the Obama sticker appears - back on his laptop. So, I have two things to say: 1. Did he himself/someone else take off the Obama sticker at some point during the night? 2. People STOP HATIN' on Obama! My cousin just told me a story yesterday of how someone took her Obama sticker off of her vehicle. The Obama merchandise patrol, does not allow thievery of Obama promotional items, and if you want to get some of your own just click here.
Obama Sticker..... No Obama Sticker...........
Obama Sticker Back?
Kari Feinstein & Mark McGuiness


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