Love Yaya! Size 4 = LARGE! WOW!

Love Yaya by Yael Aflalo was created in 2004 based on the premise of LOVE and creating comfortable, feminine clothing that can be worn with ease and sophistication. Visit the website to read the official story behind Love Yaya. Im sure that you will LOVE it. Late Saturday evening, I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and decided I needed to get a chic, comfortable, non FREAKIN' trapeze or baby doll (UBER PLAYED OUT), sophisticated, cute dress. I had 1.5 hours left before I was to be prepared to go out and decided at last minute, that I was interested in buying something new. I scoured the clearance racks on the 2nd floor of the store with 15 minutes left before the store closed. I took 7 options into the dressing room with me, because I wasn't going to be able to change selections, with the store closing announcement rumbling through the PA system. One dress, said size 4, but it looked as if I could get my KFC 2 piece dark meat (legs and thighs) into it. So, in the dressing room, I tried it on and it fell perfectly onto my frame. The fashion gods and goddesses were looking out for me. This was a tube top dress with front detailing almost identical to the one above, in a pretty baby blue and white soft cotton textile, that was to die for. I said to myself, "I've heard of sizes varying up or down based on the brand design, but this right here is just down right, Lil Wayne - Phone Home." But oh well, I like it, because it said 4 on the tag and myself a size 10 or 12, had it on. Another note to self that I made at the time: Mental note the Love Yaya brand, because it runs big, very big :-) and makes you feel petite. After researching the brand this morning, I realized the uniqueness and flair of the sizing on their apparel. I thought to myself, oh SHOOT, that's why I can fit a 4, 4 means LARGE in Love Yaya language. Well hey, I was still thoroughly excited about what I purchased, how it felt, looked on me, and made me feel, so Love Yaya, I LOVE YouYou!


  1. Women's clothing really needs more uniformity in terms of sizing things. It would make it all so much easier. I'm glad to know this about Love Yaya though. I have always loved this designer but never bought anything. is having a sale on it tomorrow. I love this site, they have amazing deals.

  2. THANKS for the heads up on this site!!! I've registered and I REALLY like it!!!


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