A Muy Caliente Pre-Fall Item!

Okay, so, fashion is a revolving door with at least 6 or 7 seasons that designers can design for and a showing of the items at least 3 months before they can be purchased or even thought of being sought out in retail locations. A pre-fall item showing right now on eluxury.com is a "smokin" HOT, 100% alpaca fur-trimmed knit jacket made in Italy designed by Maison Martin Margiela, (reference to "American Gangster" the movie, Denzel Washington's character - Frank Lucas, smacked his brother for shooting someone and getting blood on his 100% alpaca rug). Meaning, if you see me in this coat, you better not even look at me wrong, or I am going to thrash you, LOL! The price point is $2745.00 and honey, worth every red cent.


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