What does Kobe Bryant and Michael J Fox have in common?

Well, DUH, they both have had a pair of EXTRA EXCLUSIVE Nike DeLorean's on their feet. The shoe of the FUTURE at that time and the FUTURE IS NOW! In "Back to the Future Part II" the movie, Michael J. Fox's character or Marty McFly wore this shoe and it was never produced....until now. Kobe headlined a Nike Party that celebrated the release of ALL 350 pairs of the sneaks, with having a pair on himself. So, if you want some, you probably better hit up ebay or call and ask Mr. Kobe Bryant to let you wear his, LOL. Speaking of Michael J. Fox, it would also be very fashionable for you to join in and help the fight against Parkinson's Disease (click here), which he is suffering from now. It's not just about the sole's on your shoes people, it's also about the souls that need your help, like Michael J. Fox and other Parkinson's Disease victims.


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