BCBGMAXAZRIA Corporate Office

My "day" job as a Quality Assurance/Control Manager at a foundry is in the heart of Huntington Park, CA. Huntington Park and Vernon are side by side territories and within these two districts there are tons of manufacturing, production, and storage facilities of ALL kinds. About 5 minutes from me, is the BCBGMAXAZRIA corporate headquarters. And when I say, mesmerizing, it is nothing less than that. I interviewed there back in January of this year and it was a treat, to even be invited inside the parking lot. When you think of a BCBGMAXAZRIA, BCBG Runway or a BCBGirls piece, understand that it is manufactured within the building that is shown here in the pictures. Cool, right? I know! BCBG tweed jacket, shown here. I can see "B", Blair from Gossip Girl rockin' this, with her well-dressed, entrusted with funds, vindictive, selfish, revenge oriented self.


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