Gossip Girl Season 2!!!

How Steamy Will "Gossip Girl" Be??? Video courtesy of Young Hollywood. Am I the only one anticipating the return of the G.G. next Monday, September 1, 2008!!! I mean, that is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Watching high school kids, deal with high school drama along with, life, acceptance, and peer pressure issues. I get chills just thinking about it. Yeah, high school was one of the good times in my life. Being a varsity cheerleader by the time I was a sophomore, a cheer captain my senior year and an academic honors student, I have plenty of drama that I had to deal with, myself. Note to the writers of Gossip Girl: Some things that they deal with seem more like young adult issues to me. Is it because they are Upper East Siders that Chuck and Nate will both be dating women in their 40's, while still being in high school? Oh, well, I guess some of the guys I knew probably did that too, I just didn't know about it. Stay tuned for another video of what the upcoming season has to offer. Video courtesy of the CW.


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