Jimmy Choo - Thinking outside of the "shoe" box!!!

The new Jimmy Choo shades are CRUCIAL DEALINGS. The actual name of this particular pair are the: Jimmy Choo Oversized Square Sunglasses with Stars. And when they say with stars, they aren't playing. I am featuring this pair of shades for one reason. These glasses can be that staple piece of Jimmy Choo, that you want for your wardrobe. Here's the deal. There isn't a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes available, for less than $500, unless you cop them on sale. With that being said, this pair of glasses are $395. You can purchase these glasses in black, get major wear out of them, AND add Jimmy Choo, to your wardrobe, for cheaper than $500. Now, that's what I call thinking outside the "shoe" box. Meagan Good likes this pair of Jimmy Choo's. Link to theybf.com or see below, to check them out in action.Photo courtesy of wireimage.comJimmy Choo Glenys Sandal Price - $995. You can purchase these shoes if you follow this link.


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