Pics of the actual "Medium Brown Bag"

I created a post about a week ago on the history of the Bloomingdale's bag and how exclusive carrying the bag makes you feel. Click here for previous post. Well, I obviously am not the only person that thinks so. While shopping in the American Apparel Warehouse on 7th and Alameda, in Los Angeles, yesterday, I spotted a get, reusable Medium Brown Bag. Can you believe it???? This young lady, Ashley was nice enough to let me shoot her with my video camera, to get an image out to my readers. So here is a pic, so that you can see, just how chic the "Medium Brown Bag" is. Thanks, Ash. Smooches!


  1. Well how cute is that?! I would definitely rock that!!!! :)

    D La'on<3

  2. I thought that was a pretty cool bag myself, D! :-) Great minds think alike.


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