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Switch your necktie to Purple Label via Gilt Groupe

In the famous words, of B (Beyonce, that is), "switch your necktie to purple label......Upgrade Ya, up, up, upgrade ya, pa'tnah let me upgrade you." She's talking about taking a guy from his, 12th grade graduation, silk tie look, to the coveted Ralph Lauren Purple Label designed tie. Price points are $165 and up, but you can find some RL Purple Label ties on the Gilt Groupe website for more than 50% off retail price. Now, isnt that SCHWEEEET, (sippin' some Patreezy, while talkin to this breezy, brushin off my 3-piece, I make this look too easy......) oh my bad, I went into a Jay-Z hypnosis, but YES, purple label ties and other apparel for less than 50% off of retail, on Gilt Groupe. Click this link to be signed up for the Gilt Groupe if you aren't already. Or email me directly at or with Gilt Groupe member in the subject title and I can invite you personally. Featured Item Ralph Lauren Purple Label Navy Herringbone Print Tie Retail Price: $245 Gilt Price: $88 If you want a nice tie in various styles, with price points as low as $15.00 try, the TieBar website.


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