Cassie in the Creme Givenchy Gladiator Boot!

Check out Cassie's new single, Official Girl feat. Lil Wayne, where she seems to be channelling Aaliyah.....I don't know if it is the Timbaland track or if it was Daddy Diddy telling her she better get herself a style for herself, even if she has to steal it. Okay, I apologize for that comment, but hey, Aaliyah is my favorite girl, and so, I notice her style when I see it and hear it. At :24 and :34 seconds into the video, check out Cassie's $1775.00 Givenchy Boots. I blogged on these babies back in May, click here for the previous post. I told you, I am styling people like THAT! I have to give Cassie her props on being a VERY SUCCESSFUL walking mannequin, though. I mean, the young lady looks GREAT in EVERYTHING that she wears!!


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