Eli and Tom - Roc"k" Boys into fashion?

Superbowl 2008 brought forth a showdown of two of the best teams of the season, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. The star QB's are Eli Manning (Payt's younger brother) and Tom Brady, respectively with the Eli's Giants coming away with the "coveted" SuperBowl 2008 title. Anyhoo, I know that you are wondering, why am I talking about football and QB's on this fashion blog, well September was a huge month for Men's Fashion Magazines as far as quarterbacks are concerned. Eli Manning graced the cover of Men's Vogue and Tom Brady graced the cover of Esquire. Gentlemen, when you clean up, your look should look as crisp, sharp and well put together (or better) as these two gentlemen's covers. If you have a photo shoot or event approaching and need help with your look, hit me up: imnotonik@gmail.com or nm1978@yahoo.com.


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