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Guys: Take advantage of this SALE!

Gentlemen, below I have listed 4 clues that help you decide whether or not you need to take advantage of a sale item:
  • 1. The item has a reduced price
  • 2. It is a "name" brand or high end item that makes having a reduced price even more beneficial.
  • 3. The item seems out of season. For instance, right now summer items are on sale because stores need to make room for their Fall merchandise. So, if you witness a long sleeve shirt or something out of current season, (but can be worn in the upcoming season) on sale, you should definitely mental note it.
  • 4. You like the item and it fits your fancy.
Dr. Jays has a Lacoste Supima Cotton Argyle Sweater in sizes M-3XL, offered at a reduced price of $99.00 (from $155.00), that is a PERFECT deal for a man's Fall wardrobe piece. Click here to go to the item.


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