Daddy's Little Girls - Moved out of Run's House!

Vanessa and Angela Simmons have become more than household names, since Run's House successful run (is that a hot pun or what?-HA) of seasons and continues to get rave reviews. They are tokens of rap guy's like Kanye West's imagination, with his ever so popular line, "...when my Jesus piece, can't bring me peace, yo, I need just at least, one of Russell's nieces, ONNNNN...." (Put on for my City, Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West). The aspiring Take Over the World duo has been blazing trails for young women all over, since their debut. And believe me, they won't stop there. Coming January 2009, these young ladies will star in their own MTV sitcom entitled, "Daddy's Little Girls" and I am 200% positive that this show will NOT disappoint. Pastry Website here.


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