Dope Couture has a Barack Obama Tee: Heavy HITTER!!

I just discovered Dope Couture's Barack Obama t-shirt, (post dated Oct. 14th with David Banner, rockin' it entitled "Dope x Mick Boogie x MTVTN") which is NIIICE! I guess no one in their camp or affiliated with them loves me enough to tell me about their NEWNESS, so I had to figure it out on my on....(rolls eyes). But it's ALL GOOD. I still ordered and paid for my own. No time to wait on flexing my stylist muscle to get this one. It feels like a Limited Edition. I'm just glad that I found it, right before, the November 4, 2008 Election. Price - $24.00 Click here to buy Stay tuned to the blog at how I alter the shirt and rock it OUT! - OMG, NASTY!!! Check out the new vid of Dope Couture's Skater Clique. I think the video is...........Dope! (I had to) LOL! Politics As Usual from chris mart on Vimeo.


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