**Nordstrom's New Location**

Indianapolis, Indiana was LUCKY enough to receive an additional Nordstrom (now we are down to only one Nordstrom, this one and a Nordstrom rack) to the otherwise, conservative, fashionable (or lack of there of), hate to say it - lame city :-). The new location is inside of the Keystone Fashion Mall which held a private grand opening for it's elite customers on September 19th, 2008.

I am a week....or two late with this post, yes this I do know, but until you are willing to offer your skills and talents, to a fashion and business entreprenuess such as myself, do not complain. Unless, you are just one of my signature readers that yearns for the next big, story from, yours truly. In that case, it's okay to complain, via comments or my email, imnotonik@gmail.com. I visited the store on Sunday, September 21st and was in SHOCK! The collections and product offerings were a jump up, from the Nordstrom downtown and brands differentiated a little from the stores main competitor, Saks Fifth (located in the same mall). It's cool for Indy, but it still wasn't Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills :-( Some of products that jumped out for me, were the following:
  • Betsey Johnson Boots
  • True Religion Shoes
  • Minnetonka Boots
  • Men's Burberry Downfilled Vests
  • Valentino Handbags (carried by Blake Lively of Gossip Girl)
  • Mike & Chris Leather Jackets
  • Dolce & Gabanna Tops
  • See by Chloe Tops
  • Habitual by Nordstrom Jeans
  • Burberry RTW
If you are in the Indianapolis area, go visit this store, it IS one of the BEST in our AREA!!

updated 9/24/12


  1. OMG, I love the new Nordstrom. It is truly a step up from the one in downtown. I would have never went if you didn't post it. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work.

  2. That’s great..! I absolutely love the new Nordstrom.


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