Reggie Wayne & The Colts - Eat your heart ESPN!!

If you are capable of seeing, then you couldn't have missed the Indianapolis Colts score a memorable 14 points in 2 minutes in 10 seconds on Sunday. The DEFENSE and the OFFENSE was POWERFUL, within those last minutes of the game. I had the opportunity of running into the always, professional and well composed Reggie Wayne yesterday, while trying to watch a little Monday Night Football and this is what he had to say about his, AWESOME one handed catch! NM: Well, Reggie I would first like to say, that was a GREAT catch yesterday! RW: Thank you. I appreciate that! NM: Were you nervous? RW: (blank stare) Of course, not. That is my job! There you have it, folks. Reggie Wayne confirms, that he takes his game time, no less seriously than players that work together to make corporations and businesses profitable and operational. And for that, Peyton, you have a receiver that you can ALWAYS count on! Just in case you missed it, here is a clip of the Gary Brackett TD, Robert Mathis strip and Reggie Wayne's TD catch. Footage courtesy of Indianapolis Colts organization


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