Forever 21- Items! Let's Create An Entire Look! UNDER $135!!!

The one shoulder, wide leg pants, jumpsuit with waist sash, is a knockout, brought to you by Forever 21. But don't stop there. Add the Zebra stripes 3Q jacket from Forever 21, as well. I purposely added a more youthful, fun style jacket vs. a more upscale type jacket with this one piece for a reason. Be careful when selecting your top jacket. Consider that the jumpsuit is in a rayon and spandex blend and a jacket of too much seriousness may not blend well. Let's pump it up with the Unlisted Ready to Spike, black leather ankle boot available at DSW. Jumpsuit Price - $29.80 Jacket Price - $24.80 Boot Price - $44.95 All three of these pieces can be mixed and matched with other items later and that is how you shop efficiently and intelligently. TOTAL for core pieces $99.55!!! For jewelry we will allow Old Navy to save the day. Double Hoop Earrings Price - $5.50 Silver Metal Bangles Price - $9.50 TOTAL for jewelry $15.00!!! Handbag credits Charlotte Russe Suede Fringe Clutch Price - $10.00 and FREE SHIPPING!! TOTAL for handbag $10.00!!!


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