G-Star: Jean Lesson for Men!

Jeans come in different fits and styles. If you are ever at a store and try on a jean, that doesn't give you the fit that you desire, call your store associate (or me, since I am a stylist) and let them know and see if they have a brand that is known for that fit or inquire about the brand that you are trying in regards to a different fit that may compliment you. 100% of jean companies, design, different styles, fits and washes, because they are aware that everyone doesn't like to wear their pants the same. Most of the time, these fits are denoted by giving the jean a different name. For instance, True Religion has a Billy Rainbow, Bobby and Ricky jean, but the fit is also denoted as well. So there is a Billy Rainbow bootcut, a Bobby straight leg and so on. G-Star is known for a comfortable jean with nice washes. Below, I will show you what the different fits look like, so that you will be a little more familiar, when you shop. Radar Straight Benson Jean in Track Wash Price - $180 Fit - Straight 3301 Original Walker Denim Jean in Travis Wash Price - $160 Fit - Relaxed 3301 Unit Haines Denim in Track Wash Price - $160 Fit - Bootcut Radar Straight Capital Jean in Track Wash Price - $180 Fit - Straight The above G-Star jeans are available on urbanminx.com. Ladies, this identical concept does apply to your jean designers as well.


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