November 4th, 2008 will be a MEMORABLE "election" day for several reasons. There are many first-time voters at the polls that deserve an applause (hand claps). And the US citizens should be congratulated for supporting two life altering changes within the presidential campaign, by allowing an African American to be the Democratic Presidential nominee and having a female as the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee. This has been history in the making, since day one and I would like to let all people know, that not only does "1 vote count", but we are a part of this nation and should stand up for ALL things that we disagree with or need to be apart of, NOT ONLY the election process. If our leaders aren't making decisions based on the good of the majority, then write letters, stand out, stand up, email, call, rally or boycott. Your voice can be heard and your opinion does count! This is the Nation of the People!!


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