Mike Epps Performs for Comedy Festival 2008!!

I am an AVID supporter of Mike Epps!!! We have both emerged from the same cloth, of the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. To see him on a TBS, Comedy Festival 2008 as well, as being held in the same esteem as Ellen, Jerry Seinfeld, Cheech & Chong and Tracy Morgan is a monumental moment. This event was held in Las Vegas, November 22, 2008 and the other comedy performer present was G-Thang. Mike, has previously acted alongside other comedy greats like Martin Lawrence, Mo'Nique and Cedric "The Entertainer". Has been in movies with actors ranging from Ice Cube to Beyonce to Michael Clark Duncan. Rightfully so, Mike has continued to plow his way through the industry to find his way into more homes of Americans and TBS is a great way to do so.


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