President Elect Barack Obama

History was made in the wee hours of the morning as the public was notified that Barack Obama was "officially" President Elect of the United States. The scene from Grant Park in Chicago, IL was a sight to see. There were tons and tons of media coverage from that location including: BET, MSNBC, Entertainment Tonight, ABC, amongst many more. The vast range of people that are represented by our country and will therefore be represented by Barack Obama come inauguration day is the TRUE representation of who, WE the People ARE! This place called the United States, was known as the ....."land of the free and home of the brave..." but has never really touched on living up to that name, until now. On November 4, 2008, the citizens of America were brave enough, hopeful enough and willing to embrace change enough to place a young man, by the name of Barack Obama, in the highest position of leadership that this country has to offer. I believe that we have done so, because WE BELIEVE that this country can be ran in a responsible and competent way, that is unfamiliar to the old ways of Washington. Not just with one group of people or race of people at the forefront, but with one that represents, justice and equality for all of those within this country. To my peers and citizens of America, be patient as, President Obama has many, many troubles and trials to sift through and things to set straight while beginning this presidential period. Rest assured he will soon walk down each of our individual streets of concern. But know that when he does, he will have the top advisors in each field to give him the input and knowledge that he needs to get the job done, carefully, tactfully, economically and efficiently.
WORLD say CONGRATULATIONS to Barack Obama, the 2008, President Elect of the United States!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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