Ashanti Looks Very White or Beige Christmasee!

Ashanti, donated some of her time to the community last night, by helping distribute Pleo Dinosaurs to foster children of the Edwin Gould Services in NYC. Pleo Dinosaurs are robotic dinosaur toys, that interact and grow from a newborn, to an infant to a juvenile, all the while changing personalities and interactions with the owner. For more on Pleo World click here or the Pleo Dinosaur link above. I don't know why the gift of choice to orphanage children is a Pleo Dinosaur, the concept seems fairly strange to me. But Ashanti was there doing her duty and looking very festive while she did it. The turtleneck sweater with a tutu waist is a cute shirt, but the boots wouldn't have been my choice. Would you wear a white sweater and beige boots? I am not totally decided on that one. Leave comments on the post and see pictures below. Photos courtesy of


  1. She looks like she just got off the school bus from a public school. She never looks like she is famous or is on the arm of Nelly! But he is hood anyway so I guess he likes it!!

    Angie :-)


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