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Audrina from The Hills Could've Been Styled By........

I breezed upon genius imagery, styling and contemporary fashion-ness when I noticed Audrina Partridge in a cotton fitted "gray" mini, a "t-shirt" and a belt. I would like for you, the reader to click here and go back to my November 22nd post where I picked out a similar, but unique outfit from Top Shop. Audrina's t-shirt that she is wearing is HOT!! It is featured in the Star Magazine's December Issue as well as the site and is available on for a mere $34.99. It is called "Life Is A Parade" tee. The pencil skirt is LnA and is priced at $69.
Watch out for me as I climb more into the industry. I already have celebrity, styling qualities as demonstrated daily on the Notable Styles & More BLOG! I will most definitely be a FORCE to be reckoned with. CIAO!!


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