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BIRTHDAY SHOUTS: Happy Birthday Benja1120!!

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Sorry, I missed your bday, so I had to come a little harder by giving you and your date of birth a dedication. This item has been picked out by me personally (that means, not my staff) and I would like for you to have it with you for your Vegas nights. You should pair this item with 3/4 length leather gloves, so you will not need an overcoat and rock on with your bad self. I present to you, Sweet Face's Cropped Herringbone Sweater in Black. This item is good because it is an outfit piece as well as a keep me warm on the way to hang out piece. It is a little expensive at $345, so don't wear it too often as you have to keep it in good condition. It will pair NICELY with your flat leather boots and yes, I did at least remember, that. Item available on Enjoy your personalized birthday selection Benja1120 and I hope to see you in the Sin City, very soon!!Link


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