Can A Cropped Cardigan Get Anymore Girlicious?

I LO, LO, LOVE this cardigan from F.C.U.K (French Connection United Kingdom). Noooo, I'm not cursing at my readers, that is the real acronym that this brand uses at times. French Connection is one of those labels, that gives you choices that are sophisticated and muted all while never losing its taste factor. I would like to show you the "Buffy Cardigan" that is so SHEIK, made by, you got it, F.C.! This sweater has very frilly, tiered short sleeves, on a cropped cardigan made in 70% angora and 30% nylon. This will look really cute dressed up or down and the price is $118 and only available in the color shown. If you are tired of a cardigan sending off the, I just left the office vibe, spice it up with the "Buffy Cardigan" from French Connection.


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