Lisa from Housewives of ATL makes out with Christian Louboutin

I finally saw the Housewives of Atlanta Reunion last night and I can say that it was slightly amusing. I sometimes wish that mostly everything on television was not so scripted and made to seem similar to real life, because it can confuse the impressionable, but, I can't control everything in this world. When I saw Lisa, jump onto the couch to hold NeNe down, I saw a red sole come from the bottom of her boot, like angels coming down from heaven, ahhhhhhhh. I was on the phone at the time and begin to have a heart attack like reaction. My friend on the other line was like, "What?", as he was mesmerized by the body, I was mesmerized by the boot! Original footage here. --------------------------------------------------- I decided to post the Louboutin Lisa was wearing for two reasons. 1. It was truly, truly adorable and of course, I wanted to confirm my fashion skills. 2. I quoted him a price off the top of my head, which I thought the boot would cost ($1750) and I wanted to check my merchandising skills. Well how did I do? 1. I was 100% Totally Correct, they were Louboutins and the details are even better in close up photos! 2. The actual retail price is $1575 and I was only $175 OFF!!! Available on Saks Fifth


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